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Fax ivory and black ebony grips for Remk 58

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Diamond Fred:
Does anyone know a source for Fax Ivory grips, and Black Ebony grips for the Remington 1858?? No one seems to list grips for the Remington's other then the standard wood grips.

jiminy criquet:

Marshal Will Wingam:
Fred, Gripmaker has some faux ivory as well as stag. http://www.gripmaker.com

Forty Rod:
Buffalo Brothers has 'em.

Steel Horse Bailey:
www.truivory.com will sell and fit a new set of grips for ya.  They're more $$$ than the others, but their ivory grips look, feel, and act like the real thing - at 1/4 the price.  I'm not sure, but the price of fitting the grips (used to be) included in the purchase price.  Shipping was extra.



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