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Real Deal Remington NMA

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Yankee John:
Just show'in off!

I know that most folks here have already seen my genuine original Remington NMA (unfortunately re-blued :( ),  but I took some better pics of it the other day that turned out great!

I love my new-made replicas,  but I'm getting buried with this one!  Now, To work up the nerve to fire it!


Steel Horse Bailey:
That looks as good (or better) than my brand-new Pietta!

Steel Horse Bailey:
I'd show it off, too, if I owned that pistol!

johnr.........that looks great! Sounds like you got it already blued, and you wish it had the original finish, eh?

It'd probably be just fine to shoot some light loads with just to keep her happy,..hehe  ;)

Nice picture!

Yankee John:
Thanks for the replies folks!

You are completely right Oldelm- I bought it cheap because it was re-blued,  and it sat in a sporting goods/gunshop for about 3 years before I made them an offer on it.  From a collectors standpoint,  the re-blue job is a sad thing is that it it totally martially marked and matching serial-numbered everywhere. It is just as tight as any of my replica Remingtons too.

But i still appreciate it for the history that it represents,  as it dates from late 1864-early 1865; definately a Civil War era pistol.




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