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Has anyone had dealings with Gun Broker.com?

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I think I'm about to buy a Uberti 1858 at a remarkable price. Lest I say too much and lose the item, how do I conctact the seller? I tried to contact today and they say too early?? The sale only lasts for one more day and no one has out bid or bid against me so ??? Can any one help me or explain what next?

Jubel, I kin only surmise that you're on some bidding site like Ebay or somethin' similiar.  Do they have an out right "buy it now" option?

Do they have auto-notfier fer when someone else places a bid on it, so it'll send ya an email when they do?

If not, then yer jest gonna havta keep yer eyes peel and yer sights centered on target ta nail that Remi! ::)

Patience there, Pard..sounds like ya got it bagged already ;)

Texas Lawdog:
GunBroker is an online auction for guns and other gun rekated items. You bid the maxiimum amount that that you will pay for the item. The highset bid at the end of the auction gets the item. You will be notified by GunBroker email if you are the winning bid. You will also be notified by the seller. The sellar is responsible for giving the payment options. The sellar will have to transfer the firearm to a FFL dealer and the firearm has to be transfered to a FFL dealer of the buyers choice. The bidder does not have the winning bid until he is notified by GunBroker and the sellar.  I have used GunBroker as well as AuctionArms many times and have been completely satisifed.

Yes Presidio as Texas Law dog says this is an auction site. Good place to pick-up a deal on your favorite Cap N Ball or if'n ya have an FFL or a friend has an FFL good prices on new and used guns. Yes they have the buy now if you really like an Item. Thanks Ya'll for getting back to me. I'll wait till they send me my winner notice. LOL LOL

Hey, Jubel!

Did ya' win that Remi?



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