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R&D Gunshop's prototype Rollin White conversion

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Howdy folks,

I notice that Bottom Dealing Mike has got a pic posted on SCORRS........


...... the  "R&D Gunshop's prototype Rollin White conversion for Taylor & Co."  Looks really nice, very much like the originals with the nice sleek ejector rod assembly, thin recoil plate, and the firing pin that looks to be fashioned from the cap & ball hammer. With all that work in gunsmithing I imagine these won't be cheap. But they sure look nice!

Does anyone have any idea when these might be available, and a rough guesstimate on the  price?

Thanks!  ;)

Steel Horse Bailey:
That shore looks purti-full!

Man o Man.  Want a piece of work! ;)

Far as cost go, I'd kin only guess.  Somebody correct me, but, I figure ya'll spend about $500.00 ta $600.00 on a gun like that with all the customizing and all. ???

Marshal Will Wingam:
I have no idea what the cost will be, but it looks like R&D has another winner there. I may need one of those. Just when I thought I had enough Remmies.

Coop Trawlaine:
Woooie!  That be one sweet iron.....a regular little betsy



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