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Bull Schmitt:
A couple new pictures have been posted on the SCORRS website. One is I Ben Robbed's new rig and the other is Persidio's pride and joys!

Thanky kindly there, Bull!

I do love showin' 'em off! ;D

Marshal Will Wingam:
Ah, more photos. We like that. ;D

Nice pair of stainless 5.5 inchers you got there, Presidio! ;)

I know you mentioned you're wanting to reload your own sometime soon. I've been having fun loading
.45LC and .45 Schofield, testing out different loads with BP and smokeless. I'm curious if your R&Ds will take the Schofield cases,...some do and some don't.

Oldem, I can't say fer sure if'n my R&D's will take Schofields or not.  I never asked cause I didn't know any better. :-[  the one's I got are from River Junction.  Guessin' that they won't, but, I'll check inta it and let ya' know fer shore. ;)

Thanks fer the compliment.  I jest stripped off the bluing and used Brasso polish wads ta shine 'em up a bit.  Always leaned more ta shiny toys.

Still lookin' ta put some Stag or American Elks grips on 'em.  Can't seem ta get Gripmaker or Eagle Grips ta give me a call back...but, I'll keep on buggin' 'em both.



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