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I´m Back!

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Lefty Jones:
I kind a lost myself somewhere from Your pleasant company. Now I´m back and still and maybe even ever shooting with Remmie. Maybe someday there is another big R hanging on my side.

Bull Schmitt:
Welcome back Lefty Jones.

Hey lefty,
If my avatar came up, that's a Remington flaming away! Love mine.

Ahhh, Hellgate

How much fuel did ya' put in that there afterburner? :o ;D ;D ;D ;D

Believe it or not, that is my "gamer" match load of only 20grs 5FA (FFFg) & a round ball. I wish it were the 30gr load I shot at a night shoot which was BLINDING! The digital cameras have a slight delay on the shutter and the photographer just happened to get it right.
I tried to attatch a pic of 80grs FFg from the shotgun. Maybe I'll try to email it to you.



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