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I Ben Robbed:

When I got started shooting CAS, I bought whatever leather I could get quick and cheap.  A simple set of holsters and a belt from Cabela's and it served me fine.  I've experimented with different hosters as I have gone along, to see what I like and dont like, and various pieces of equipment to go along with it.  I saw several rigs I liked, but nothing that seemed to really suit me, until I was lookin at the pictures on the SCORRS website of the rig Clint wore in the Pale Rider movie.  I shoot one of my '58s as a cap n ball, and those loops for the extra cylinders were just what I wanted.  Plus the look was right on.  So as a temporary measure I made my own cylinder holster out of a speed loader holder and started hunting for a belt.  Only no one made it.  I couldnt even find anything CLOSE to that belt.  I figured there's enough cap n ball shooters out there that someone would make a belt with the extra cylinder loops, but I figured wrong.  I had to go custom.

Then I heard folks talkin about Don Barnett (GrouchyOldBear) and his Liberty Leather shop.  I sent him the pictures of the belt Clint wore in that movie, and over the weekend he worked up a blank with workable cylinder loops.  Amazing how easy it was for him.  I did get put off a couple weeks by Hurricane Rita, but as soon as he had power he was back in the shop and picked up where he left off. 

Now I have to say, for just a simple belt it really is amazing.  I feel like a kid at Christmas playin with this thing.  A BELT.  Jeeze, good thing he didnt make me holsters too, or I'd be unable to sit down long enough to type.  :)  I'll never be able to buy anything off the shelf again after experiencing Don's custom work.  Heck, now I look at my shabby holsters and I want to replace them too! 

Yep. I knows the feeling.  Started out the same way with my rig and kinda piece milled it together.  Same as you, quick and cheap!  (Shore did look like somethin' from the Old West done out in the prarie's).  Holsters from the local Bass Pro shop here in Katy (which also has a BP and regular gun department) and an old Buscadero belt I've had fer years.  Took old pant belts and sewed in shotgun loops and so on and so on........

Then I got bitten by the Leather Bug.  Been a seein' all these rigs others had their fer their pride and joys.  So, I dropped the weekly payroll inta my pard's lap, Dirty Foot of C & J Traders, Katy, TX http://www.thecowboyshop.com/, and set him ta work on a custom rig.

Now, I'm no slouch on taken a bit of leather and bein' creative either, but, I ain't no pro either.  If'n ya check My CAS Profile, ya' will see my old rig pictured. (The one I did.)  I'll update it with my new rig and post a few pics here when I git a chance!

Silver Creek Slim:
I Ben Robbed,
Can ya post a picture of it fer us?


I Ben Robbed:
Yep, goin to when I get home tonight.  Didnt have my camera at home last night.  Don said he will have a pic of it up on his website as well, I'm guessin because like me, he's never seen one with cylinder loops before.  What I really like is that he doesnt stitch the bullet loops on the belt, he weaves the strip through cuts in the leather and then wet molds em to the right size and shape for the cartridges.  Then its lined on the inside so it helps it stay put when you cinch it down. 

his website is www.westerngunleather.com

I Ben Robbed:

Not the best photos in the world, but then I aint a photographer so i guess I wont starve.  :) 

Pardon the dirty cylinders, I had to take it out and play a little after work today and havent cleaned em yet.  I didnt get a pic of it, but there's also 10 .45 loops behind the RH holster.



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