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Pappy Hayes:
Recently purchased a Pietta 58 Remingtion. I would like to use a conversion cylinder in it. Is anyone aware of one of the conversion cylinder makers making them to shoot the 44Colt? I would like to use mostly as a backup to my Open Top and RM 1860 Army. I know the barrel would need to be sleeved and I am not sure I would want to do that as I would not be able to convert back to the bp cylinder. So I may just go with a 45 conversion cylinder and would have to shoot a different caliber if I need it during a shoot if one of my others had problems. What do you pards here think?

Coop Trawlaine:
I checked around when I converted my 58 Remmy and the only conversion I saw available was the .45 Colt from either R&D or Kirst, I picked the R&D because it was recommended by one of my shooting pals who felt it was better.   I will be interested to hear what others on the CAS boards have to say.

I Ben Robbed:
I remember someone talkin about a conversion cylinder in .44, and they were talkin about loadin the cartridges with an old-style heeled bullet to be more like the original conversions.  Course it would be centerfire instead of rimfire, and I dont think anyone is manufacturing such a round, so my guess is I'm just remembering someone's wishlist sorta thing.  Is someone making the .44 Colt?

Of course, there's more than one story out there of guys who made their own cylinders.  I suppose having a custom one made would be an option.

I shoot '58 Pietta's with the R & D conversion in 45 LC.  Both are used as my main match pistols.  Both are tack-nailers and haven't had any major gunsmithing done to 'em. But, I have tinkered with 'em a bit here and there ta smooth 'em out a little.

Sorry, I haven't heard or know of anyone doing a conversion in 44 cal, yet.

Pappy Hayes:
I want to say Kirst konverter can be gotten in the 44Colt. And yeah, I know the originals used a heeled bullet. I have only seen the 38 being manufactured with the heel bullet or maybe the hollow based. River Junction sells the 38's. I am leaning more towards just going with the 45Colt and it will be just for fun and a backup for my other two main guns.

Just looked on River Junction's web page. They have the 44 drop in cylinder listed and they have 44 heeled cartridges available for $28.00 for box of 50.



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