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'75 & '58 Mated

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Danny Bear Claw:
I've got a model 1875, (EMF Outlaw), with 7.5 inch barrel in caliber 45 Colt mated with a Uberti made model 1858 with R&D conversion cylinder also in caliber 45 Colt.   I like 'em! 

Tried to post a pic of them.  Too many KBs.   :'(   ???   ::)

You need to change your avatar, thems's Colt's revolvers, not Remington's.

Danny Bear Claw:
Actually Hellgate, them's a pair of Vaqueros, however, the one in the Huckleberry Rig is a second generation Colt.  Very observant though.    ;)

I Ben Robbed:
When I read the title, I was tryin to figure out what the kids would look like!   :o

Well,........If everything went well, ...maybe the  first born might look like this.....

.36 cal. New Model Police... ;)  :o



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