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Jake Stoner:
Howdy All,
    Just got another 1875. Shoots great, Grouchy Old Bear leather on order, matches the other '75.
Life is good!  ;D


Silver Creek Slim:
That's great!
I'z gonna shoot my brace in .44 WCF in a two day match this weekend.


Blue Jacket:
I have a 58 now and have a 75 on hold with a Pard. What can you tell me about the 75? It is in 44-40, do they like BP? what are your favorite loads for the 75? etc.

Cousin this old "blue Jacket," will tell this and it's  the truth. One squid lol lol  to another yes they work well with BP, and should you accuire a lever action in 44-40 you will discover the 44-40 round was designed for BP to be lower fouling.  This round  and works best with Black Powder.

Silver Creek Slim:
I have both .45 Colt and .44-40 1875 Remingtons. The .44-40's will go thru more stages than the .45 before ya have cylinder binding. The .44-40 in the 1875 Remington is way to go.
My favorite load is a .44 S&W Special case full of FFFg Goex topped with a .44 MAV boolit sized to .429" with a good crimp.




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