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Shot My New NMNs

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Marshal Will Wingam:
I recently had Kenny Howell sleeve a couple Ubeti NMAs to .357 for me. Turned 'em into NMN's. He sent 'em back with new drop-in cylinders in .38 spl. OK, so I got 'em all slicked up and took 'em to the match last weekend. I shot Double Duelist with them and came in 1st in my class (OK, OK, so I was the only one shooting DD). I did come in 2nd in Duelist since there were others shooting that and 7th overall out of some 36 shooters. Not the fastest gun in the West, but certainly not bad for the first time I shot them at a match. They performed flawlessly and I only missed one target in the final standings. I'm stoked. Those things really shoot. Here's a pic of one.

Marshal Will Wingam:
Alas, no. The gap between the cylinder and barrel would need to be opened up some for that and since they're tack nailers I just don't want to mess with them. I guess I'll have to buy another pair, now. ;D

Forty Rod:
Any excuse to buy more guns.....

My kinda guy.

Reb Tyree:
Now that's what I call a mighty fine shooting iron!  Marshal, What no stag grips?

Bvt Capt Reb Tyree

Silver Creek Slim:
Mighty fine pistol, but it's a shame to not shoot BP in it.  ;)




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