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Gun Creek Phil:
Nice little gun, indeed, can you tell me what caliber you shoot with (32?)

Gun Creek Phil,

The gun in the pic is a 4th Model S&W in .32 S&W; but my normal guns are a pair of Navy Arms Schofields ... Plus I have a couple of ROAs that I shoot occasionally ...plus Pietta a Starr, 1858 Remington and an old gun-that never was, an Armi San Marcos '51 Colt in .44 Cal (that I use reenacting   ...as in my profile).

Popa Kapoff:
They look great. I have a national arms top break in 38 S&W. Fun little popper.

Keep those links coming . Thanks Pards.

Tru-Ivory grips. I finish fit them. Faux Ivory.

You can try Ellen Hunting for stag but bring your wallet.
I used some of their grips on a Derringer I used to shoot in CAS side matches. Gunsmith polished it and did final fine fit for the grips. Loved that gun. The 32 mag barrels registered perfectly at seven yards. It was like shooting a single barrel gun. BUT those derringers are HEAVY>



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