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Cimarron 1873 SAA, Arizona Ranger 5.5in 45colt


Cotton Eye Joe:
Good evening!

Here's a quick review/comparison of Cimarron's new "Arizona Ranger" revolver next to their discontinued "Evil Roy" revolver.  With fairly little fanfare, Cimarron announced the Arizona Ranger last fall (October 2023), and I saw one for sale on Buds not too long after.  The model I bought was a 45colt with the 5.5 inch barrel. 

In short, there's almost no difference at all, which stays in line with what Cimarron promised.  Still has the 4 click hammer, the extremely light trigger, and the checkered grip.  Obviously the engraving on the side now says "ARIZONA RANGER" instead of the cursive "Evil Roy."  One difference was that the Arizona Ranger doesn't have the slimmed grips that the Evil Roy did.  They appear to be more standard sized now.  Additionally, the cylinder pin bushing is no longer removeable on the Arizona Ranger, something I don't thing matters in the least.  That's really all I could find that had changed.  Like the Evil Roy, it has a very nice balance and an extremely intuitive hammer pull.  The sights are on target for me, but the furthest I went was 25 yards, so that's all I can speak to.  The best part is that the Arizona Ranger actually costs less than what the Evil Roys were going for about a year ago.  I think Cimarron did well.  Thanks for your time!


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