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Well Heck.  Whilst perusing the boards this AM., I suddenly realized I had not provided a report on my Brandy Darn'd Knew Suppository Shooters (Yes, I'm cheating on my Cap Guns - Again).

Fell off the wagon and just had to have a pair of Cimarron's Pietta built El Malo II in .45 Colt.  Three and a Half Inch OCTAGONAL Barrels, Low Wide Hammers and Thunderball Grips.  I have lusted for a pair for a couple of years.  Finally in stock.

As "Out of The Box" timing is perfect.  Lock-Up is tight and perfect.  Head Space is right at .0035 and End Shake "isn't."  Pietta has a new Main Spring that is more attuned to CAS competition and I don't think I could improve on it.  These guns are some SMOOTH!!

Now for the Ugly.  After lusting after them, I could not break muscle memory to use the low wide hammers.  They just don't work for me and I replaced them with Stainless Pietta stand up hammers from my parts stash.  Those gorgeous thunderball grips just DO NOT fit my hands and had to go.  Replaced them with a set of regular Plow Handle Navy pattern grips from my parts stash.  I was going to use Army pattern grips but didn't want to cut the triggers to fit the Army grips.

Bottom line is I am SUPER PLEASED with this pair of guns.  Now for the Spring Thaw.  I wanna go out and PLAY wid 'Em!!!!

Crow Choker:
Seen pictures on the web CF, how about some of yer modified EM II's. Nice lookin revolvers, barrels a tad short for me, but still nice lookin.


 :)  Crow Choker  ;)

Absolutely love to.  But.  However.  Gonna be a while.  I'm currently on Mouse Safari and not co-located wid the sample examples (drat).  Stay Tuna. 

And We'll hope I remember to do so.  Understanding I have the memory of a Gnat.



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