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Uberti 1873 El Patrons with black powder?

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Okay, I just got a pair of Uberti El Patrons. I was gonna use them for trade bait but the triggers are SO good they are gonna stay. This has caused me to consider using them with BP. Anybody had experience with them running the Holy Black?


 :)  Oh for Pete's sake   :(

Not to be crass and judgmental Deacon (Oh ok, yes I am), but why do some folks keep calling it "The Holy Black??"  there is nothing "Holy" about the stuff.  Just Explosive.  Heck, it can even be made with pee.  It's just Gun Powder.  Anyway:

I don't remember (Memory of a Gnat) if the El Patron has a removable Cylinder Bushing or not.  With the Colt style removable bushing, it should run just fine, although I suggest removing the bushing and polishing, if needed, to ensure it turns freely.  If it's just a solid "nub" sticking out the front, you may have problems with the Base Pin getting sticky from fouling.  Carry a little spritz bottle of PAM with you and that can be remedied really quick.

For whatever reason, Suppository Shooters don't foul as badly as Cap Guns.  You may well not like that silly firing pin thingie though.

Play Safe Out There

I don't think the term Holy Black came about until people started shooting subs and calling it black powder. 

My 3rd gen Colts do not have removable bushings but do fine with BP.  Just use enough lube.


Dave T:
My experience with the 45 Colt and BP goes back to the mid-1980s.  There are two major factors to remember.

First shoot soft cast bullets sized to match the chamber throats of you cylinders. And second, be sure they are lubed with a black powder friendly lube - and the more the better - think Big Lube.

After that just fill the space available (no wads or fillers necessary) with a bit of compression.  Then go forth and enjoy the smoke, the stink, and the boom!


Thank you all. Coffin, the Holy Black comment was meant for fun, as I only load it for a 45-70. They do have the removable bushings, thanks for pointing that out. So if I ever get extremely masochistic, I will give BP a try.


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