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Map of SASS Clubs in Texas

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Pancho Peacemaker:
This is a map for current SASS  clubs in Texas & when they shoot.  

Click here for the map:,-100.656738&spn=13.048028,19.665527&z=6


Here is a link to all the Texas SASS affiliated clubs' web sites:

Blackpowder Burn:

You might want to make a note that the President of the Thunder River Renegades (Magnolia, TX) is now Two Spurs (Charlie Kaiser).  He can be reached at 832-922-8297.  I'm the club Secretary (Garry Laxton) and can be reached at 832-585-2957.

There is also a new club in North Zulch (about half-way between Bryan and Madisonville on Hwy 21) named the Willow Hole Cowboys.  The President is Def Willie, and he can be reached at 979-696-1300.  Their website is

Danny Bear Claw:
Thanks for posting this Pancho!   8)


Gen Lew Wallace:
Glad to see San Angelo getting on the map.  I had to drive to Abilene and shoot with the Butterfield Trail Regulators back when I was stationed in Angelo.

Storm Crow:
Hmmm... The one for English (the blue bubble in N.E. TX) should be green, not blue, as they shoot on the third full weekend of every month.

Storm Crow


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