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Does anyone else shoot air guns?


Shawnee McGrutt:
Seeing that it has been harder to find places to shoot in my area, i have pick up a few air guns to plink around with in my backyard.
Here are two of my favorite, the rifle is a Barra 1866 ( sold at wallyworld) and the revolver is a Remington 1875, made by Crossman Airguns.  I know it isn't the same as putting lead downrange, but it beats driving an hour one way, when the urge hits.

I shoot air guns all the time, but mine just look like air guns.  I shoot much better when I practice with them regularly!

Major 2:
Welp ! I may have to join you...

ever since My Daughter moved her horse back here,  ::)
I lost my shooting gallery out in the barn.

The phhh of an Air Gun may not traumatize the beastie like my Milisurps do! 

St. George:
Just got one that mirrors a WWI Webley Mk VI - same weight and balance.

Also have a Daisy-made, 'Winchester'-marked M14.

I have a number of good air guns - all are fun to shoot - all help maintain marksmanship skills, because one has to focus and have follow-through - like throwing a dart, and the best part is that I don't have to pick up brass.

Plus, if I use the right backstop, any BBs being shot are fully recoverable.

Scouts Out!


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