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River City John:
"In the quest for historical authenticity, the production sought the input of a women-led racial and social justice organization known as the "IllumiNative," and many native American Pawnee advisers were frequently consulted as fact-checkers throughout the shoot. As an executive producer, Emily Blunt has said that she was deeply honored when the show received a rare stamp of approval from this organization at the official series premiere."

quote from IMDB

Emily Blunt is married to John Krasinski, from The Office. Cute couple often seen appearing on the talk shows.

 Been watching it, if you enjoy history from the civil war era forward " watch it", even i teared up a couple of times & got mad a couple times,,,,, you be the judge.

   coffee's ready,  Hootmix.

Johnny McCrae:
Just watched it on Amazon Prime. I found it very good in spots but hard to follow at times. Some of the actors seemed to mumble at times but that might just be my old ears. It's worth watching in my humble opinion.


Finished it yesterday.  Agree on mumbling.  With some accents i had to play with volume  and rewind a couple of times.  I did enjoy it.   Better way to spend black friday than out.   

River City John:
Wife and I finished it the other day.
We enjoyed it, and yes, it was sometimes difficult to understand, but the story line usually carried it along.
I enjoyed the authenticity of the shooting stance the long range Sharps shooter used.

It was somewhat depressing in tone and certainly did NOT glamorize the American West.


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