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1873 Carrier Block Defective?

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Pay attention to the back of the firing pin extension on the bottom. The recessed part where it rides up over the hammer may need a bit of polishing with some very fine automotive finishing cloth like 1000 grit. Just polishing, don't really remove material.

Hello Everyone. New here as of today!

I wanted to post here to help anyone that might have the same issues the original poster was having. I recently purchased a new Winchester 1873 SRC through cabelas (5/2023). It's the "competition carbine" same as original posters rifle. 357/.38sp
I was also having the same jamming problems, and my carrier block looked the same as in his pics. If I ran it slow or fast I would have hang ups. I ended up removing the carrier block and filing/sanding down the right side of the block so it actually had a beveled edge/contour. This helped with my ejection issues. I hope this helps anyone in the future!

Welcome to the place Dakota!



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