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Billy the Kid

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Buffalo Creek Law Dog:

--- Quote from: middletownbob on June 06, 2022, 08:08:39 AM ---i was watching on EPIX for free last month and only got to episode 5, then i couldnt watch unless i took out a subscription, i guess i will have to wait until its free again or find it somewhere else...i really liked it though.....Bob
I usually wait until they come out in DVD.
--- End quote ---

Bart Slade:
So far (8 episodes in), I'm liking "Billy The Kid".

My only real gripe is that there is so far almost zero darkness to his character.   Every unlawful act he commits is either a set up, or he was duped, or he was manipulated by a politician, or he was put into a no win scenario.   A very specific turn on a criminal.  I'd like to see him lose his temper once in awhile, make a poor choice due to rage or something.

just finished the season and i liked it, hopefully there is a season 2, i'm hooked!   Bob


Rube Burrows:
I very much enjoyed it and hope that they do more seasons. I feel the guy playing Billy did a good job and the more I look at him as Billy the more he resembles the authentic photo of him.

Dave T:
Since Amazon gave $2M to Black Lives Matter during the summer they were burning US cities I'll have to pass on this one.

Besides, from what you folks are saying Billy was just a poor misunderstood youth who got caught up in a bad situation. Just like the defense attorneys calmed for the 17, 18, and 19 years olds I arrested for felonies. Got a bridge I'll sell ya cheep.



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