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My Christmas Present To Me

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You can never have too many Winchesters, although I have tried to back off on getting any more. When I saw this one, I broke the rule and had to have this beauty in 45-70...

King Medallion:
That's purty.  Original finish? What year? Gonna shoot it? Merry Christmas!

Coal Creek Griff:
Again, wow!  I've never seen one in as fine a condition.

I can guess at a couple of those answers: I'm going to say that it's all original and that you'll absolutely shoot it. Right?


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Black River Smith:
That is definitely an extra special one to be cherished.  Beautiful work of wood and metal.

Congrats and it's a Christmas present too.

PS.  Does the wood wiping stick have a jig of some-sort attached to the other end?

It is all original and Yes, I will shoot it as soon as I get it.


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