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Santa Arrived a few days early

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cpt dan blodgett:
Could not wait to put under tree.  24 inch round barrel 8.8 lbs 45-70 arrived today from Grant Nebraska

Twenty-four inch barrel? Are you sure it's not 26", which was standard. Nice present, whatever!  One of the best designs John Mose did!
Stay well and safe!
Merry Christmas!

cpt dan blodgett:
busted out the tape it is 24 inches.


Buckaroo Lou:
Looks like one of Winchester's new 1886 short rifle models. If so it should be a very nice rifle. Very nice.

I have one with the pistol grip stock and it too is the short rifle. Mine shoots great and is very accurate. Much better than my old eyes can see to shoot.

cpt dan blodgett:
we will see what these 70 yo eyes with the new lenses installed a few years back can do.  Should hit range in the new year.


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