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USFA in the Movies?


Capt. John Fitzgerald:
In the movie, Tombstone, Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer) pulls both of his nickel plated guns, a birdshead SA and a standard 4 & 3/4" SAA, and places them on the poker table in front of him.  When he does this you can clearly see the firing pin access hole in the back of the hammer on the 4 & 3/4" SAA.
So here is a question for you...  Do any of the Italian "clones" come with these original Colt style hammers?   If not, that was probably a USFA that Kilmer used in the film as I can't see them using authentic 1st Gen. Colts.
Just curious. 

 Peter Sherayko supplied the guns for Tombstone. I had an online discussion with Pete, and if I remember correctly, he used EMF Hartfords for all the "Colts", along with some real stuff that was rare and and was not at risk of being damaged.
One set of Curly Bill's is sitting in a display case at Spangenburg's Gun Shop at Tombstone. You can get close enough to see them pretty good and those were EMF Hartfords.

Diamond Jim, the owner of Spangenburg's, used to be a neighbor of mine, and told me that Powers Boothe did not want the set after the filming, and got them from Peter.

I had the opportunity to be a gunsmith for Spangenburg's, but had too many ties up here in the valley to be able to accept Diamond Jim's offer. Imagine that. Gunsmith, at probably the oldest and most famous gunshop in the West.  At least I got the offer!


Virginia Gentleman:
I had always thought clones were the order of the day in the movies.  Did Open Range use clones as well?


LazyK Pejay:
I believe the Uberti "Cattleman" comes with that hammer.

LazyK Pejay

Capt. John Fitzgerald:
Thanks LazyK,
I own a bunch of SAA's but they are all USFA's and Colts.  Only Italian guns I own are a copy of the 1836 Patterson and an Uberti Schofield.  I didn't know if that 1st Gen. hammer style was exclusive to USFA or not.


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