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MY newest non-CAS acquisition: WW II S&W .38 Special "Victory Model"

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Tuolumne Lawman:
The Type 97 Jap grenade in the pic should have killed my dad.  It landed at his feet, but was a dud. i  Items that were my dad's are both grenades (empty) the paybook, and the chevrons. The Inland Carbine is like the late issue Inland he carried on Iwo.

His minefield map:

His 1944 pre-invasion planning map:

When I was young, he never shared much.  I was much later, after my military service, towards the end of my law enforcement career, that he began to share.  It was usually after he had a couple shots of Scotch!

Coal Creek Griff:
Those are amazing treasures! Thanks for showing us.

CC Griff

Tuolumne Lawman:

My dad had an Ordie on Iwo deactivate the grenades so they were empty shells and made them into cigarette lighters!  Great trench art.


Baltimore Ed:
Nice display of your dad's service to our country. Thanks for sharing. My father and father in law built Liberty Ships at the Baltimore shipyards during the war. My uncle served on a destroyer escort in the Pacific. He's told me several stories of the action that he saw. The country was united then, not like now.

Capt Quirk:
Hey! That document says "SECRET"!  Don't be putting that up for all eyes!


It's funny that they gave your Dad a .38. Most of what I had shot was revolvers, so I had trouble with the 1911 too, but they said "Suck it up and shoot better!"

That is a really nice looking homage that you have going Sir, your Dad would be honored.


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