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Sorry if I'm in the wrong neighborhood  :)

I recently found an 1886 Browning 45-70 in a local store and brought it home.  It's the 26" octagonal barrel and was manufactured in 1986.  I would like to find a place to ask some questions and get feedback from other owners of 1886 models.  Does anyone know where I should look?

Buck Stinson:
I think you could go ahead and ask your questions here.  I doubt that anyone will bite you.

Thanks Buck, I wasn't sure...  :)

Several things;

I reload for my handguns (this is my first rifle), and I have ordered the dies and components to reload.  I plan on using a 405 grain lead round, with 38 grains of reloader7 that I found in one of my reloading manuals as a starting load.  If someone has a better suggestion for the Rx7 powder, please let me know.

Second thing is the action is stiffer than I expected.  A very friendly shooter let me try his 44 Mag Henry at the range the other night and the action was buttery smooth.  I think mine will improve a little once it's used, but is going to needs some slicking up.  Does anyone have any books or videos or web links to suggest on the 1886? 

One post I found by "Tom Horn," suggested some tips to slick the action up and one step was to replace the extractor spring with lighter spring.  Can anyone steer me in the right direction to finding one? 

I'd like to wrap the lever in leather and get a sling for this model that does not require drilling holes.  The only image I've found for this type of sling combines a butt protector with the attachment ring to the end of the sling.  Has anyone set theirs up like this and have suggestions on brands to look at?

I'll probably have to use a peep sight, either a tang or receiver. Anyone's feedback that's went through this decision process of picking and installing a sight would be appreciated.  My only current thought is to keep it in the period and not have to drill too many holes.

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Coal Creek Griff:
I have burned a lot of Reloder 7 in my Miroku 1886, using 405 grain lead bullets (Lyman 457193).  I have gone to the maximum listed in the manuals for that combination, but eventually backed off to 35 grains as my standard load.  It is less painful and accomplishes all that I want.  I have also used IMR 3031 and IMR 4198.  With both of those I have approached maximum, but ultimately backed off quite a bit to match BP velocities.  The gun can certainly handle the hotter loads, but I finally decided that there was no good reason for me to shoot them. 

CC Griff

PJ Hardtack:
I've got an early B '86 rifle that I love. It has taken two large moose for me. I shoot 350 and 420 gr cast bullets with 36 grs of Varget or 28 grs of 5744.

Most people make the mistake of turning a 45-70 into a sub-.458 Win mag and get turned off by the recoil. Yes, the Brownings and Marlins will take it, but you won't enjoy it. Ty loads recommended by Paul Matthews and see what I mean!

I've played with 520 gr Lyman 457125s in my '86 and it groups them very well.


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