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Capt. John Fitzgerald:
A few days ago, Yahoody started a thread requesting USFA serial numbers in the apparent attempt to give all of us guidelines as to when your guns were made and if they were, in fact, Uberti parts guns or "all US made" models.  I applaud his efforts as this forum is one of the few place that one could possibly hope to gather such information.  I, for one, went back through years of postings on this site in order to determine dates of purchase for the various USFA's that I own.  So…
 Let's give him a hand!  If you know the date of purchase of your USFA, please post it here along with the serial number.  If you are one of those people who refuse reveal serial numbers then just give him the first three digits - instead of 12345, give him 123XX.  Post your numbers here.  Should this string start to go "off topic," as many do, I will delete those posts.  Serial numbers, models and dates only, PLEASE!
We have no real "history" of USFA and Yahoody is to be commented for his efforts.  Let's help him out!

Thanks Cap' !
These are guns I have examined personally.

216XX bought used in 2008 nickel BP (Uberti parts)
216XX  Bought used in 2008 nickel BP  (Uberti parts) 
239XX  Bought used in 2009 Prewar (USA gun)
2725X  new Premium 2009  (USA)
2725X  new Premium 2009   "
2725X  new Premium 2009   "

21213 parts gun
21215 parts gun
21651 parts gun
22113 parts gun
22180 parts gun*  transitional guns by the # out of order?

22154 USA gun*  transitional guns by the # out of order?
22293 cone USA
22421  cone firing pin
22934 cone USA gun

Many different ways to hide a US or a Uberti gun.  Firing pin shape and loading gate cut is NOT definitive but are the easiest way to check and fairly accurate a majority of the time.

Serial number series for many of the guns..

Cowboy                       CB500 on
Gunslinger                    starts with 57XXX
Lightning rifle                2000
Buntline                        28XXX
Lend Lease 45ACP      357XXX
JW Red River D            RRXXX
Rodeo Sheriff               SKAXXX
Rodeo II Sheriff            SMBXXX
Cowboy Sheriff             SMCXXX
Sheriff SAA                   SMDXXX   
Special Sheriff/ Bisley hammer    US1XXX
Rodeo                          Single letter followed by 3 digits
China Camp                  CCXXX

Capt. John Fitzgerald:
I have several USFA's that I have bought over the years but can only find positive purchase date information on three of them.  They are;

Sept. '05, 4" Ejectorless, SN 285XX
Nov. '08, 5 & 1/2" SAA, SN 262XX
Oct. '10, Double Eagle, SN 731XX

Note that the one purchased in '08 has a serial number that is 2000+ lower than the one purchased in '05.


USFA SAA .45 Colt, 4 3/4" barrel  ordered and received in 2010 Ser.# 282XX
USFA SAA .45 Colt/.45 ACP Convertible 5 1/2" barrel ordered and received in 2011 Ser.# 284XX

Both are all USA guns.

Capt. John Fitzgerald:
Thank you for your contribution but it would be much more helpful if you could provide the first THREE numbers.  That would narrow it down to a hundred gun range rather than a thousand, making it easier to determine the exact year guns within those ranges were made. 
For example;  your 2010 is given as 28XXX and your 2011 as 28XXX.  If we had 281XX for 2010 and 282XX for 2011, we would then know that the 2010 production year ended, and 2011 started, somewhere between 28100 and 28200. 


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