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Top 50 Western movies at Internet Movie DB

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Uncle Eph:
Lonely are the Brave ranked 25th? I am very impressed.

Agree with some of the comments already made about films which aren't really "westerns", and also regarding some good 'uns conspicuous by their rather surprising absence. 

Here's another:  I figure "Hang 'Em High" shoulda made the top 50!

FloraBama Kid:
Was "Shenandoah actually a Western?? ??? I guess it did take place in Western Virginia. ::)

I'm a big fan of "Two Mules for Sister Sara". ;D

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It is better than some lists I have seen. The absense of True Grit leaves me scratching my head a little. No Tom Selleck flics is just flat wrong. Some even say he is the John Wayne of the new millenium. I don't know if I agree but he is one class act and cowboy through and through.


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