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Marshal Halloway:

Howdy BOSS members and welcome to town.

We are happy to have you here and enjoy the discussions.

Marshal Halloway:

BOSS also have some extra pages in town that can be used as a quick address. Check it out.


This section can also be used for articles, FAQs and reference links.

Contact the moderator (Joss) if you want articles and links put up on these pages. Joss will then send me an update request. Cas City is updated daily from Monday through Friday.

Will Ketchum:
Marshal, thanks for giving us a new place to hang our hats!  Hopefully this site will pick up some momentum now that The Spot is having problems again.

 Will Ketchum

Two Flints:

Thanks for bringing BOSS and its moderator Joss House to CasCity.  Now, my two favorite shooting firearms are located in the same web site!

Thanks soooooooooooo  much!

Two Flints

Hello the camp!

Been knockin' on the other door with no one answerin' for a couple months, nice to be at a place that will let me in again! -- Jim



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