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Tascosa Joe:
Anyone ever spent any time at Fort Union Trading Post in North Dakota? 

Caleb Hobbs:
I've been up there a couple of times, once in the late-80s and the second time, ironically, just a few weeks ago. They've made a lot of improvements over the years, but not as many as I would have expected. No livestock on hand and only one person in a trader's outfit, although in fairness this was just a few days after their annual rendezvous, so maybe they were taking a breather. I did pick up "On the Upper Missouri: The Journal of Rudolph Friederich Kurz, 1851-1852", but haven't read it yet. Bent's Old Fort in Colorado is still my favorite.

buffalo bill:
Howdy boys. I am extemely excited to see this group come into being. I live in North Dakota and Ft. Union is my second home. I portray the Fort Hunter as a National Parks volunteer. At Union it is always 1851! I agree that there is alot of things that can be improved upon there but it sure beats not having it at all. During our several Living History events every year, it is a pretty darn neat place to play. I actually live in Minot N. D. about 150 miles from the fort but that is "just down the road" on the Plains. By the 1840s the American Fur Company was bringing Hawken rifles and Colt revolving pistols up river for Company employee use. What more could I ask for! I carry a Lyman Great Plains rifle that has been defarbed and looks very much like a real Hawken. Braintanned leather pants and jacket, wide-brimmed , lowcrowned felt hat , cotton shirt and knee-high black boots. Add a pair of '51 Navies in cross-draw(also known as Plainsman draw) holsters and you get a good idea of my image. I also am a Buffalo Bill Cody impersonater. Different clothes and all but still a plainsman. When I figure out how, I will post some pictures of our good times. This June at our annual rendezvous and yes it is still 1851, I was talking to a friend and fellow plainsman about how we needed to look into promoting this era more. Lo and behold I stumble across this group in its infancy! Count me in boys! Caleb, I will email you and make it official but count me in.   "Ho for the Plains"


buffalo bill:
Howdy Boys! I keep trying to post some pics from Ft Union but I keep getting an "error has occurred" reply instead of a posting. I am much better with my guns than I am with this computer. Will keep trying.



Caleb Hobbs:
If you can't get them to post, send them to me. Maybe I'll have better luck as a moderator. Or maybe Two Flints will chime in. He posts photos regularly on the Spencer Shooting Society board. I'm looking forward to seeing some images from this period.



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