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USFA Pre-War Model Question / How to tell if Pre-War or Single Action Mdl

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Hey Pards,
Just purchased my first USFA.  Got it used and was told it was a Pre-War Model.  Came in a black box with a cardboard sleeve.  The
hammer is case colored, marked USFA on top of the barrel next to the frame, V notch back sight, Single piece walnut grip, two line patent # on left side of frame, case hardening very vibrant and compares to my AWA Ulitmates.  Do not have any other USFA's to compare it to.  That is all I can think of to describe it.  I am just interested in finding out exactly what model of gun I actually have in my arsenal.  Any input would be appreciated.

Capt. John Fitzgerald:
The main difference between the "regular" USFA guns and the pre-war models is the blue finish.  The pre-war models have what they refer to as "armory blue" as opposed to the regular "dome blue" finish.  Armory blue is of a higher quality, requires a higher degree of metal polishing, and replicates the bluing method Colt used on the first generation guns.
As for the CCH hammer, until recently all of the USFA guns had this.   Presently, the standard USFA models come with the polished sided hammer and I believe that all pre-war models come with CCH hammers.  the CCH hammer is an option that can be ordered on any of their models.
If you haven't gone there already, you might want to look at their web site at www.usfirearms.com .

Thanks Marshall,
I have studied their website and looked at all of the differences.  However, it is very difficult to classify my gun just by looking at it and it alone.  I do not have another USFA to compare it to so I am not sure what the difference looks like on the bluing.  I am going to call USFA in the morning and see if they can help me by looking at the serial #. 


Virginia Gentleman:
The process that they call Armory Blue is Carbonia bluing that Turnbull is an expert at doing.  It is a heat and oil (Carbonia oil) process that requires a gas furnace to produce.  Expert polishing is needed as any flaws in the metal will show up if they aren't polished out prior to the carbonia bluing process.  It is almost a translucent blue/black that is not as dark as the Dome Blue which is the standard hot salt blue that is a modern process.  It is possible to get hot blue to look very close to carbonia blue if done correctly, but I only know one shop that can do it.  USFA's hot bluing is very good, but it still looks like a typical hot blue albiet a very good hot blue with excellent prep work on the metal.


--- Quote from: Catclaw on June 19, 2005, 06:37:49 PM ---Hey Pards,
 V notch back sight, 

--- End quote ---

V notch rear sight makes it a PreWar. The SAAs have a square notch.



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