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How Old is your Oldest Gun you have ?

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Colt revolving shotgun made sometime after 1860.
Several .32 and .38 breaktop pocket pistols early 1880's.
Colt lightning 38-40 mfg 1891.
Winchester sporting rifle, 38-56, mfg 1891.

Fingers McGee:
1851 Navy made in 1852,  followed by a pair of 6 shot 1849 Pocket Models made in 1863 and 1864

Big Goose:
My oldest is a 1777 Charleville, Liege contract musket, built around 1790. Also have a 1816 Springfield dated 1818, and a 1819 Hall rifle- S. North contract built in 1831.  I hunt with all of them - the big 69 caliber smoothbore muskets are real smashers on game...
Big Goose



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