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How Old is your Oldest Gun you have ?

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Phantom Falcon:
Howdy Folks,
I love these old guns:

I have an 1860 Army 2nd Richards conversion and an 1861 Navy Richards-Mason conversion: both built late 1860s.
I have several Colt SAAs; dated from 1874 thru 1917.
I have several Winchester 1873, 1876, and 1886; dated 1884 thru 1906.

These are all shooters. Some are tack drivers; some are area weapons. I wish they could talk. I'd love to know where they've been and what they've done. I shoot classic cowboy, black powder, with most of them. Others I shoot classic cowboy or duelist with Trail Boss.


Stump Water:
I have an '87 Shotgun with a serial number on the receiver that says it was made in 1892.  But the barrel says, "Model 01 10ga."  And it has a left & right extractor which the '87s didn't have.  I've been told that such 1887-1901 10 ga. hybrid wasn't all that uncommon because the steel in the '87's receiver was superior (thicker) to that in the '01s, while the '01's barrel was proofed for smokeless.  The '01 models were only made in 10 ga.

Camille's '97-D was made in 1905 and we have two '97-Es, one made in 1918 and one made in 1939.

Forty Rod:
I have a S&W Model 1-1/2 in .32 rf from 1868, and a Connecticut Arms "Hammond Bulldog" .44 rf from about the same time.

Had a pair of Irish gentleman's pocket pistols from around the time of our revolution: screw barrel center hammer flintlock with a fitted case, barrel wrench / screw driver, bullet mould, double ended powder measure, a flask, and four extra flints.  These were absolutely mint and unfired.  The hammers were made with a fore-and-aft hole pierced so you coud see the front bead sight (There was no rear sight, but that hole helped you line it up like a primitive 'ghost ring') when the guns were cocked.

I was in college and broke, broke, broke when a man offered me a lot more than they were worth...about $600.00 at the time.

Never saw nor heard of them again.


Have a Spencer Model 1865, Warners patend civil war carbine, a Winchester 73 made in 1891, several 92s, Colt Lightning .44-40 but dont know when it was made, an Enfield muzzle loader made by Adams between 1859 and 1865, Burgess 12g made about 1895, Whitney Kennedy made in the mid 1880s, Coopers revolver made about 1865, Colt Navy made 1866, two Adams revolvers based on 1851 frame one a biig Dragoon and a 4th Model tranter dragoon. Have a fair few guns all around the same era.
Use the Whitney Kennedy on my farm which aint a farm for shooting in the house paddock - the nearest neighbours miles away so no one cares.
Also got a Brand whale harpoon gun for slinging hunks of scrap iron, nails, ball bearings, and anything else that fits down the barrel at various targets; tin cans, rocks and defunct cars.

Probably a draw between my Martini cadet and my French 8mm Lebel 1907/15 St Ettienne Berthier (5 shotconversion) w/Rosalie Bayonet. I have a 44/40 1892 on the way, I bought it sight unseen, it is pretty old, we'll see shortly when it arrives. Mick.

PS, almost forgot, I have a 12Ga London Damascened Black Powder SxS hammer gun, don't know how old that one is, hardle any markings on it apart from the word 'London.'


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