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USFA gun #SA001 and SA002

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Buckaroo Lou:
Was this a special run or is it the actual 1st and 2nd gun ever produced?

I am guessing a special run.


Didn't know USFA ever made stainless guns.

Buckaroo Lou:

--- Quote from: Abilene on January 26, 2023, 10:18:43 AM ---Didn't know USFA ever made stainless guns.

--- End quote ---

I agree, but they did do them in the white, i.e. China Camp guns, and these look to me to be Italian parts guns.

They also have the bullseye ejector rod but the newer cross pin frame. Does that mean they are prewar?


Cross-pin frame is a pre-war frame regardless of ejector.  As far as the finish, yeah they look polished in the white or maybe some sort of nickle.  Somebody wanting that much money ought to be a little more knowledgeable about what they are selling.

Tascosa Joe:
Williams Larkin & Moore is a high end gun shop specializing fine Shotguns etc.  So the seller may be using their name to hike the price/


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