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Rare shot pistols

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Buckaroo Lou:
Well I have heard about them but these are the first I have ever seen.


Tascosa Joe:
On their best day they are truly pug ugly. ;D  I never knew they existed.   I have seen a couple of old Colt's with smooth bores, 5 1/2 in barrels and in 44WCF or 45 Colt used by exhibition shooters to break glass balls in the air.

Buckaroo Lou:

--- Quote from: Tascosa Joe on January 19, 2023, 10:08:43 AM ---On their best day they are truly pug ugly. ;D

--- End quote ---

Tascosa Joe, I completely agree!  ;D  And, I can't imaine why I would ever need or want one. I can understannd the collector wanting them as they are so rare and were only prototpyes.


Tascosa Joe:
Yep, I will take my Pre-War BP frame guns any day.

There were actually 21 made.  1 stayed with the owner and the rest sold.  I never shot one but notice no loading gate.  If the barrel is pointed up, a round (fired or not) would tend to back out and prevent the cylinder from rotating until it was taken all the way out or pushed back in. 


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