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Pre 22,500 serial number quality


I understand that USFA pistols with serial numbers below 22,500, give or take, were made with some Italian manufactured components. IE; frames and hammers, maybe more.  Could someone here with a solid knowledge base educate me on what this equates in real terms to differences and overall quality between the partial USA made and 100% USA made. 100% guns appear to have a higher collector/resale value but if a gun is being purchased to be enjoyed/used, any perceivable inequalities?
Thank you for any helpful information.
Chas B


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Allow me to be the First Responder.  The difference in quality between the USFA guns built with import Uberti parts and the "All USA" parts guns is negligible.  You'll need a microscope to find a difference in quality.

The collector market has created a faux valuation for "All USA" parts guns.  Supposedly better than the original guns (USPFA) while in truth, apples and apples.

People are Sill Hazardous to Yer Health!!

Thank you for your reply.  Sent a P.M.



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