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USAF Henry Nettleton 7.5" 45ACP/45LC Nickle

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Teach Me Boys! I will admit when it comes to wheel guns I am still learning.. Its my job as Owner of my shop to tag this and move it along but squaring away details and putting tags on this etc. I see under Gov Inspector Series they did make these in Nickle but it doesn't address the dual cylinder etc. and I can't find any like this for current fair price points etc.

I don't know what it's worth but I think it's pretty rare, even for an Inspector Series. I noticed it says 45 AUTOMATIC on the barrel. That's weird on a Nettleton replica, not exactly historically correct but it could make it worth more. Neat gun.

Slightly before my time but there was a dealer in either WA or OR that would have Inspector series guns done calibers other than 45.  44 Sp, 44-40, 38-40, and 32-20.  The powers at USFA at the time did it.  I guess anything for a sale.


Capt. John Fitzgerald:
Dear GunGal80,
First thing that came to my mind was 'What makes you think that this is one of the Inspector Series pistols.'  There were Nettleton series guns, there were Ainsworth series  guns and maybe more.
Inspector Series guns were, to the best of my ever faltering memory, always marked with an inspector's cartouche on the left side of the grips and were never nickel plated.  I see no such grip markings on the photos that you submitted.  Is it the 7&1/2", original military issue style, barrel that led you to that conclusion?
I have an identical revolver that I ordered with premium walnut grips & nickel plating.  It is not an Inspector Series gun, it is  merely a representation of what any civilian could have ordered from Colt "back in the day."
Respectfully, CJF 

Buckaroo Lou:
Cat. John,

Please understand I am not intending to be disruptive or disrespectful, but I assume the OP believes it to be an Inspector Series because it states Henry Nettleton on the label on the end of the box. It is not very clear but I am able to make it out if I enlarge the photo. The serial number also begins with HN . I too would think it to be an Inspector Series as I was unaware there were any Henry Nettleton revolvers other than the inspector series made by USFA. If there were then I have learned something new about the USFA's.

I am wondering if it has the US stamping on the frame and the other HN and serial number stampings.

I enlarged the second photo and it does have US stamped on the frame and looks to have HN stamped just in front of the trigger guard. Also, a serial number on the cylinder, and a cartouche on the grip.


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