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These weapons are listed on Turnbull’s site.  Says they were made in very limited numbers (10 I think it said).  Has anyone ever heard of these pistols?  They are only $ 10,000.00 each.  Three barrel lengths.  Certainly are unusual.  Thanks.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Dave T:
Certainly not $10,000 interesting but historically interesting none the less.  USFA always did good work.


I had no idea USFA had made any of those!


The cylinder and barrel look Colt.  It does not look like a Forehand & Wadsworth.

Dave T:
Thanks for posting the picture of an original.  USFA didn't even manage a near miss.  Kind of blew that one.  Now we're down to about $1100 in value, and that's to those few people who like weird looking guns.  LOL



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