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Scope Sighted Military Long Range Rifles
« on: October 04, 2021, 03:35:47 PM »
When I was going to Byers to compete in the Zoot World Championship I didn't have a Scope Sighted Military Long Range Rifle to compete in the Long Range matches. Dutch Al was kind enough to lone me one of his. I've since gotten involved in Vintage Sniper matches and so have bought or had built 2 qualifying rifles and am in the process of collecting parts to build a third. Deacon KC and Major 2 have been kind enough to try to help me find some of the last few parts I needed.
Anyway Deacon asked me to keep him informed how the project was going and I thought he might enjoy seeing what I'm currently using,  Then I got to thinking that all the rest of y'all might enjoy them too.
These are my 2 current Vintage sniper rifles:

I have since changed the scope on the 1903A4 to a Lyman Alaskan and right now the 1941 has a Lyman SuperTarget Spot on it but as soon as I get the Hi-Lux Unertl clone back I'll put it back on so that it's Vintage Sniper legal.
When I get the Winchester A5 back from being serviced, I'll have my gunsmith get started on the 1903A5 replica, but that will be sometime next year
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