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Tell me about external hammered shotguns

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I do not now own an external hammer shotgun and I am wondering about them. Here is my thought process. With external hammered shotguns you have to take the time to cock the hammers before firing. With internal hammerred shotguns you have to make the additional effort to open the action because this is what cocks the hammers. With my Stevens 311 I have to drop the shotgun down (not all the way, but some anyway to get the leverage on the barrels to open the action/cock the hammers. With an external hammer shotgun I believe that I could keep the gun up on my shoulder throughout the reloloading process ( assuming that the action will just fall open when I hit the lever. Will the time that I save opening and reshouldering the external hammered shotgun make up for the time that I spend cocking the hammers with my thumb?

And besides the external hammer shotguns look so coooool!

How much do you want to practice?
Here's some world records and other speedsters:

External Hammers:
Badlands Bud, 3.21 Seconds : http://www.jspublications.net/records/BudSxSMule321.wmv
T Bone Dooley 3.58 seconds : http://www.spencerhoglund.com/files/Cap0010.MPG
UT Hill 3.94 seconds : http://www.jspublications.net/records/UTHillHammered394.wmv

Internal hammers:
Savage Sam, 2.64 : http://www.jspublications.net/records/SxSSavageSam2.64.wmv
Payden Kash, 2.71 : http://www.jspublications.net/records/SxSPaydenKash271.wmv
Badlands Bud, 3.04 : http://www.jspublications.net/records/Buddouble304.wmv

As you can see, for the fastest guys a hammerless is slightly faster.  For the rest of us, well...
I am just about as fast (or slow) with hammered as hammerless, but I don't practice and I do take it off the shoulder.

And remember, the hammers can be pre-cocked so the extra time spent cocking the hammers is only for subsequent shots.

(more fast guy videos here: http://www.jspublications.net/records/records.html )

First, if you want to evaluate an inside hammer's speed you have picked one of the worse CAS shotguns.  The 311 series was used years ago, but has fallen out of favor because the basic action tends to close when you try to reload and, if I recall, there is a solid rib between the chambers.  It is simply not a fast double.  You will also notice in the videos of the fast outside hammer double shooters NONE of them keep the gun on their shoulder.  What makes speed with a double is how fast you can shuck the fired shells and get the new ones in the chamber.  Not whether it is on your shoulder or not.


Shotgun Franklin:
There is a kit available to 'fix' the 311 so that it will stay open, I have read of it but not used it. I use my 311 on game and use a different SXS for CAS.

The "kit" does not totally solve the problem.  That is why you see so few of them in competition anymore.


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