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Spencer Shooting Society / Spencer Serial Number 50950
« Last post by glorietapass on Today at 11:56:18 AM »
Hey there, new to the page, but digging it!  So much info - too cool. Wondering if anyone can fill me in on any info about a M1860 with the S/N 50950.  Not getting much help for a guide anywhere, but seeing there's mad knowledge on this site.  Thanks in advance! 
Frontier Iron / Re: Cimarron's new American model!
« Last post by mtmarfield on Yesterday at 11:03:47 PM »
      Greetings, All!

   Well, I called the Charleston, WV Cabela's; after chatting up the fellow in the Gun Library, I gave him my CC# and had the #3 shipped to my Cabela's...
   This revolver is an A.Uberti Old Model #3 American, 5" Bbl., chambered for the ".44 Colt", as stamped on the barrel and etched on the rear of the cylinder. A .44 S&W SPL case will fully chamber. I could find nothing that resembles a Date Code anywhere on the frame, nor under the grips. SN #CS057X...
   Apparently, this revolver was owned by an 'Old Western Lawman' reenactor who might have shot it once or twice. I was informed that there was some holster wear; actually it was subjected to "faux holster wear", not only on the revolvers high spots, but also in places untouched by even the most amorous of holsters. Oh well, I've chosen not to worry too much about that; mechanically, it's nice, and I'll be shooting it in a couple of days. From a Lyman #429383 mould, I casted over a hundred bullets ( about 10BHN ); fifty of these were seated over 4.3gr Hercules Unique. Later I'll try other period target & gallery bullets cast from Ideal #429106, #429348, and others.
   I'd like to add a lanyard ring...
   I'll keep You All posted...!


Yes,Sir but it seems that getting to that point can be quite a journey, for some of us . Now if it will just continue to work perfectly..... :)
We "filthy few" who own & operate a well-functioning Spencer can only pity the gray mass of regular, main-stream lever-action shooters...;  They will never know the sensation of euphoria one gets when one's Spencer FINALLY (!) runs through a full magazine of stubbies "slicker than an eel in a bucket of snort"..! ;D
The Barracks / Re: Muster Videos
« Last post by Pitspitr on Yesterday at 08:26:46 AM »
Thank you Slim!
The Barracks / Re: Grand Army of the Frontier / medals
« Last post by Pitspitr on Yesterday at 08:26:01 AM »
I'll get ahold of him
Colt Firearms / Re: My Mod.P
« Last post by Coffinmaker on Yesterday at 07:53:21 AM »

 :) Macon  ;)

At be some NICE  :D
BROW / Re: New Shiloh #3
« Last post by LonesomePigeon on Yesterday at 01:25:40 AM »
Just fantastic.
The Barracks / Re: Grand Army of the Frontier / medals
« Last post by Professor Marvel on May 20, 2024, 11:52:33 PM »
Ping and port scans show is “up”
Whois shows it is “supposed to be” in arizona

traceroute show that it is refusing tcp connections.

So we can surmise that it is “comatose” … alive but not talking

Prof mumbles
The Barracks / Re: Grand Army of the Frontier / medals
« Last post by Abilene on May 20, 2024, 10:53:48 PM »
I just checked on my laptop and no joy on the website.
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