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Simson Suhl sxs sold by geco


I just picked this beauty up today. 30" full choke, 12ga, with 2 3/4 chamber. Has a 669 date stamp, so June of 1969. She's east german, but well made. Makes chinese coachgun I had feel like a nerf gun. This is the gun I'm going to use in cowboy action shooting. I'm going to have the barrels shortened to 24" and have her threaded for chokes, that way i can use it for skeet and hunting too. I'm probably going to strip what's left of the finish off the stock and handguard and give it a nice tung oil finish. It has some very nice figuring under the beat up finish. I may have the barrels reblued and have the receiver color case hardened if I can find someone that can do it without damaging the engraving, or I'll leave it as is. Not sure yet. I'm going to make a leather wrap for the barrel. I'm very happy with this one and the craftsmanship. Should be a fun shooter!
It's an extractor shotgun, and the way I see it, I'm giving an old gun a new lease on life. And, I'll have a better shotgun than if I bought a stoager. This is basically a German hardware store gun, GECO was the German equivalent of Sears and Roebuck. It'll never be a collectable, and I'm in this for half the cost of a stoeger.

Nice find! Hope it serves you well in the game and the field!

On the other hand if you leave the 30" and miss for some freak reason, you could just push the knock-down targets over with the barrels.  ;D
Cool shotgun!



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