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Are '87's having a moment?

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Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Shotgunners,
Is it just me because I occasionally shoot mine and am now trying roll crimping to get it to run better? It seems to me that there is more interest in these recalcitrant shotguns. More discussion about them and more about roll crimping.
I'm wondering,
Rev. Chase

Funny. I was actually thinking about selling my '87 or my '97 and going back to a SxS. :)


 :) Reverend (and RRio)  ;)

I am aware, my reply has no bearing on the question.  Well, almost no bearing.  It (the reply) also provides no answer.  But, it's Friday evening and I'm still stuck at home in recovery and bored.

Whence I was actively in pursuit of the Brass Rings, I also joined the rest of the "Go Fast" club and shot the '97.  The Chambers had to be recut for modern 2 3/4 hulls and the forcing cone lengthened to reduce Felt Recoil.  In hind sight, I would have been better served to shorten a pile of plastic hulls and gone to roll crimping.

The '97 and the '87 were designed to digest 2 1/2 in hulls with a roll crimp and those hulls do feed better.  Lots of current "Go Fast" folks have gradated to the modified '87 with the infamous "Drop Two" mod for Speed.

My personal Opine, for the game we play, the Side by Side is the only real gamer gun.  And that Side by Side should also sport exposed Hammers.  Mule Ears if you will.  Hammer doubles are the true "Cowboy" shotguns.  Due to unforeseen circumstance, that took me out of the "Go Fast" club, I went to The Dark side, went to Hammer doubles, and shoot All Brass hulls.  Seriously "Cowboy."  SO:

My council is to dump those Train Wreck Producers and shoot true cowboy guns.  My Opine only of course.  But iffin you ain't in the 15 to 30ish age group, shooting 14 second stages, you may as well get some really cool Style Points and shoot a Hammer Double.  All Brass hulls help a lot too.  That's my Opine and I'm sticking to it.  Burma Shave

People ARE Hazardous to Yer Health you betcha


Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Coffin,

I agree with you frequently; however, I (and I believe many others) feel that the '87 generates the most style points. Especially because it doesn't generate any "speed points". In fact is all but eliminates any "speed points". I will admit the hammer double comes in a close second and, you are right, it is the quintessential cowboy shotgun.

Hammer doubles are my primary shotguns as I shoot Classic (emphasis on sick) Cowboy. The '87 is the only other shotgun that we can use. I got mine on a really good deal and have made it a project to try and use effectively as an exercise to keep myself humble.

All that being said, I'm long past the "15 to 30ish group" by decades and can only shoot a 14 second stage if I'm the one doing the scoring. So hammer double or '87 style points are all I can expect, but I do look good and have fun.

Remember "a great outfit is remembered long after a lackluster shooting performance is forgotten".

Rev. Chase


 :)  Reverend  ;)

I must agree we are on basically the same page.  Almost.  The "Go Fast" '87 guys and gals, whom have invested in the appropriate action work and the fabled "Drop Two" mod are able to demonstrate some real speed.  Doesn't change the fact, an '87 just ain't a Hammer Double.  SO:

I am a firm believer, it matters NOT how well or fast you shoot, so long as you look REALLY REALLY good doing it.  It's a GAME and STYLE matters you betcha!!


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