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Marshal Halloway:
Welcome to Saddle Bag Tales, a board for Western Windies, Cowboy Poetry, Western Short Stories and interactive stories dedicated to the old west. This board is set up in honor of the old caslist, where we met characters like Angora Al, Miss Wholly Oleo and Skunkfoot Maguey.

The book, Pinto's Tales, was born and bred on the Cas-l range.

Marshal'ette brought up a subject to me last winter, about how talented some of the people in CasCity were in their story telling ability's. She loved the Tall Tales board,and still does.. but found it a bit difficult to filter through all the 'personal talk' to get to the story telling parts. She likes to take each section ..copy and paste each one into another file and then wait for a week or so and print it off and then enjoy reading it ..uninterrupted.

But sometimes just when it was getting good, there was a comment or two stuck in there from someone, for some reason or another, that she didn't get out of there before printing. We have discussed this off and on since then.

So this will be the place where there is no filtering or sifting. Just good readin' from CasCity's many gifted writers that we have on board. You will find them in Tall Tales and some even pop up in the Longbranch sometimes
This is not to be looked on as a board to be competitive with the Tall Tales..but as a compliment to each other. Hopefully to be "sister boards" and  inspire and feed off each other. Saddlebag Tales will just have a little different set of rules.
Here's a quick rundown on the few simple rules that make up this board called Saddlebag Tales.
It is for you writers of long and short western stories, cowboy poetry, and interactive stories dedicated to the old west.
Unlike the board Tall Tales....There can be no off the subject conversational topics or comments started as a separate thread..OR.. interlaced within a person's started story ..

In fact.. there can be no conversations and off the cuff comments at all in here directly.. Only the author's works and talents will be allowed in here.
But if you want to comment, or have anything to say about the stories, I have made a child board within the main board, for comments.
 Before starting any piece of work that you are going to post, please post and  make it clear to everyone, if you want it to be interactive or if it is a solitary piece.

There is a whole lot of good writing talents out there and I for one am looking forward to some good uninterrupted readin'.


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