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"Barking Squirrels"

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Jubal Starbuck:
     I have barked many a squirrel, mostly with my .32 muzzle loader using .310 round balls, although I have occasionally used .45 and .50 calibers.

   Jubal Starbuck

Major 2:
I know what  "Tennessee Barking Spiders are...and it has nothing to do with hunting squirrel...

Oh! unless , it happens around the hunting camp fire and one should rip   ;D


When I was but a lad, some Lustrum ago, Barking a Squirrel was hitting the branch immediately under the Squirrel, knocking it out of the tree and stunning it at the same time.  More to eat that way.

Play Safe Out There

When my Uncle first told me about it, I thought he might have been partaking too much if then "shine". He explained to me, the correct way to "bark" a squirrel, was to shoot the bark of the tree direct in front of it. Like I said, I thought my Uncle was out of it, until I tried it once when i was hunting alone. I did exactly as he had taught me, and sure enough, the sucker fell out of the tree. I when over to where it fell, it looked like it was dead, and after much poking with the barrel of my Marlin 60 to make sure, it sure enough was dead as a doornail. When my Aunt and I cleaned it out, there was not a mark on it.

Jeremiah Jones:
Coffin maker and RRio nailed it.  I was never able to successfully bark a squirrel, but I saw others do it.



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