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Looking through old posts about guns used by tv cowboys. Pete Duel aka Hannibal Hayes aka Joshua Jones carried a Schofield on the tv show.


Ah yes   ;)   But remember, he didn't have to make it work.  Just had to carry it.   ::)

Show was on when I was 6.  I remember enjoying it greatly.   As I recall, Kid Curry was the gunman of the two, Hayes was the safecracker, smooth talker.   So, he really never used the pistol much on the show.  Sadly, he did in reality.   I remember my parents trying to talk to me about why he would not be on the show any longer.   

Major 2:
I recall the show , I don't recall if it made particularly lasting impression as a show, other than
 I do recall Duel's suicide, and they tried to carry on with another actor.
Didn't go on long after that.

G Bulldog Grainisland III:
Do remember this show quite well. Really liked this as a child.
Wonder if any episodes in YouTube or like..




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