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Dan Gerous:
I've done rendezvous and Lewis and Clark re-enactments for many years. I just got word that a fellow member of my Lewis and Clark group passed away after a short and sudden decline. he was six months younger than I and I'm feelin' a bit low. So ... anybody got any good jokes or funny stories? I could use some cheering up

River City John:
"The salesman at the furniture store told me that the new sofa he was showing me should easily fit five people with no problems.

Then I got to thinking, I don't think I know five people without any problems."

Major 2:
Yeah ! John's  got the handle on it  :)  "I don't think I know five people without any problem".... me either !

But I completely understand , Dan....I'm there myself  :(

But you know,  I have a LOT to be glad about, so I try not to let it beat me up .

Think Positive

Russ T Chambers:
I’ve been there too often lately, so I feel that if the friend wasn’t as close as they were and as meaningful in my life, their passing wouldn’t hurt as bad.  They were special because they made an impression on us.

It’s not a joke, but you have to remember it has been said so often:


May he be happy where he is now.

Russ T Chambers:

Now for the joke.

Granddad telling his grandkids of his exploits in the old west:

There I was surrounded be a thousand Indians all charging at me, and I'm only armed with a knife and a single shot pistol.

Gee Grandpa what happen then?

They killed me



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