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An old shot gun


I came into possession of an old single shot 16 gauge shot gun. I believe it may be an H&R but can't find any markings anywhere other than Grey Slate marked on the side plate. Looks to be stainless steel with wood stock. Anybody have any ideas to what it might be?


AH .. Um .. Pictures would help??

Professor Marvel:
My Good Georgie

Not much of a first post... why not introduce yourself ?

Otherwise one comes across as a driveby poster not really interested in participating, just looking for info so one could auction off something...

No accusations here, just sort of saying, having seen it done so often in the past....

And BTW I am in full agreement with our good Coffinmaker .. with almost no data, pictures would help tremendously.

Otherwise it is like jumping into a coin collecting forum and saying as a first post
“ I have this silver colored coin and it says ‘United’ on it, what do I have ? “

BTW if the shotgun is really stainless, it cannot be very old .

Prof marvel

bear tooth billy:
A lot of hardware stores etc. put their name on old shotguns.
Old single and dbl barrel were very cheap and very popular
on every farm. If it is a higher quality I think it would have their name on it.


St. George:
Bet it actually reads 'Bay State'.

If so, it's either Hopkins and Allen or Harrington and Richardson - both used that name.

My money's on H&R - they were pretty prolific.

Scouts Out!



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