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I need some opinions - looking for a shot gun

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Dan Gerous:
My wife and I have reached an agreement. She rescued another cat so, I get to buy another gun! I'm looking for a shot gun and it will primarily be a hunting/trap gun. My choices (so far) are Stoeger or CZ. I've seen a few used Stevens 311s at gun shows and liked the gun and the price. What do you think of my options?

I've got Stoegers in 12 and 20 gauge. Both are excellent guns. I haven't shot the others, so can't make any opinions worth reading on them.

Kent Shootwell:
Stevens 311 are tough work a day shotguns, heavy clunky and my last choice. Don’t let price be the deciding factor.

Dan, I don't know a whole lot about shotguns (I have read and heard a lot more than I have experienced).  But I've heard several times that CAS shotguns and hunting/trap shotguns don't fit the same.  For CAS you are shooting mostly down and need more drop to the stock than guns that are shot up in the air.  So like the oft-stated axiom on new CAS gun advice, I'd say try to get your hands on some different guns and see how they point for you before buying anything.


PLUS ONE too Abilene.

Additionally, CAS use shotguns often have the Butt recut to a negative angle at the toe.  Again, for shooting flat or "down"

Additional Additionally, If you intend to shoot Trap, 20 inch barrel cylinder bore Coach guns really aren't going to be very effective.  Unless you shop guns with removable/changeable choke tubes.  Price is not necessarily your friend shopping shotguns.



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