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Original Winchester 1887

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For the first time,  I loaded black powder 10 ga shot shell for the the 1887, hoping to shoot these in the next couple weeks, first time I roll crimped shot shells

Dave T:
Interested in hearing how it shoots...and if you like it when it does. (smile)


Bought Macon stocks for the 1887, sure looks different from when I bought it

Finally got a chance to fire the old gun today, was a little worried so I put it in a lead sled with and used a wire to pull the trigger, and it worked perfectly. Fired about 20 black powder rounds through it. I am going to take it upland game hunting this fall. I haven't fired a black powder fiream in a long time, was impressed with the amount of smoke that came out

Rube Burrows:
Great post. I recently bought myself an original 87 in 12g. Hoping mine will be in today.



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