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Original Winchester 1887

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Just bought this original 1887 10 gauge shotgun, this was manufactured in 1891, just short of a 130 years ago

Dave T:


Black River Smith:
I double Dave T's comment.

I really like the 1887 design.  I like the Chinese version I own.


I Triple Dave T's comment.

CAVEAT:  I don't personally like the 1887 at all.

Still, an original 10Ga is very KOOL!!!  Even if I don't wanna shoot one.

I have been doing some work on the 87, used a conservation process on it, no chemicals, just boiled the metal parts in distilled water and then used a special carding wheel to bring back the original blueing, have ordered new butt stock and fore ends because these are cracked and dented. I have not received them as yet, will have to do some fitting. Ordered a roll crimper so I can load some black powder shot shells



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